The B-3 SUMMIT@TOKYO took place on Nov. 17th, 2002 at Sometime, in Kichijouji, Tokyo. The show was sponsored by my friend, Funky-doctor; Yoshihiko Yuki. Although it is very rare that this type of show takes place during day time on Sunday, Sometime was filled with more than 80 enthusiastic audiences. Some of them came from by air, another came by bullet train of 4 hours trip. There are not good chances to see this level of organists at the same time. In the show every organist played their excellent music. With not only their music but also questionnaire sponsored by Ham/Suz, 10 people won New B-3 sound recorded CD, we felt 4 hours was very short time.
The followings are digest of the show. Every picture works as a thumbnail so that you can click on it to get a large picture.

Can you hear shout from their soul? This is true organ jazz!

Followings are selected pictures as if you could hear Hammond GROWL.

Ushio Sakai

Yuta Kaneko

Yoshiki Uta

Daisuke Kawai

Hammond B-3


Hammond B-3 on the road. 
A B-3 arrived the club at 9:30 AM.
The club, Sometime is located on basement floor. But there is no elevator so that we had to carry in by people. We were not be able to carry the B-3 in the club with this posture. Then we used special secret weapon.
Setting was almost done. It was about time for rehearsal.
Elaborate rehearsal was going on. The clock showed it was just after 11 AM.
Ushio Sakai did not wear sun-glasses during the rehearsal. Sun-glasses are always taken as his trade mark.
There was already a long, long queue waiting for the opening of the club. Eventually all seats were taken up. Some people had to stand up all the time during the show. There is seldom such a long queue for jazz live show nowadays.
The first stage was opened. The first organ player was Yuta Kaneko. Host band is "GOMEN-NE".
The B-3 + 122x2 made very nice sound.
The second organ player was Daisuke Kawai. The third was Yoshiki Uta. Then the first stage was over.
Before the second stage started, Daisuke Kawai gave a lecture about Hammond organ and Leslie speaker. If you take the lecture, you can become one of Hammond freaks from today.
In the second stage the first player was a special guest, Ushio Sakai. The first song was organ solo, that was very powerful  and with strong existence.
He was very dandy as always.
The guitarist of the host band "GOMEN-NE", Hashimoto, played with bluesy sound.
The second organist was Yoshiki Uta. This time his play was very sensitive and delicate.
The guitarist played for Yoshiki, an appearance of friendship.
The drummer of the host band "GOMEN-NE", Koizumi, was known that his drumming had clear and crisp taste.
This was mini-AQUAPIT, Yuta Kaneko's another unit. On drums was KALTA.
Goto's sax was always sexy.
This was mini-Tone Wheels, Daisuke Kawai's band. On drums was Tsuno-ken.
All players played "8 Counts For Rita" at the last of the show. Every organist and every drummer played in turn.
You cannot see they play together at other stage.
The show has ended with a big success. Thank everyone on the show.

GOMEN-NE - The host band
        Teruo Gotoh(sax), Shinji Hashimoto(g), Yuta Kaneko(org), Takayuki Koizumi(dr)
Dauisuke Kawai (org)

Yoshiki Uta (org)

Ushio Sakai (org) - Special guest

other musicians with courtesy