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This is Hammond M-3 produced in 1950's later half.
  • Hammond organ was introduced by Laurens Hammond in Apr. 1935. It was an electric organ.
  • This organ used a tone wheel generator as its sound source. The tone wheel rotated with constant speed driven by a synchronous motor, the wheel was adjacent to a magnet and a coil assembly. This organ was first aimed to imitate a pipe organ sound. And it was able to be purchased for reasonable expense compared to pipe organs.
  • Unfortunately this tone wheel Hammond organ was discontinued.
  • But it's popularity is deep-rooted. And it is still used in many music genres.
  • Recently several so-called "Clone" organs have been released.

  This site has been written in Japanese. Because the original intension of the site was to provide information of Hammond organs and Leslie speakers to Japanese people, When this site was opened in 1999, there was a little information in Japanese over the INTERNET.
  As time has passed the site has got a lot of Japanese original information regarding Hammond organs and Leslie speakers. The following is current contents of the site in English. But links below navigate you to only Japanese pages, not in English.
If you have any questions about Japanese Hammond  and Leslie relational information, please send an email to info AT An Email in English is welcome!

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